What is Alive After Crisis?

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richard marshall and familyThe Alive After Crisis guide was created by Richard Marshall, a certified survival expert with over 22 years of in-the field training. He has worked with both Federal and State Emergency Operation Centers, and he has over 75 certifications specializing in Counter-Terrorism, Decontamination, WMD’s, and HAZMAT. He is also regularly deployed to national disaster areas with FEMA.

In his spare time, Richard Marshall runs survival workshops for regular people who want to be prepared for anything. To date he has literally taught thousands of people how to save themselves and their families in the event of a crisis. In fact, his workshops are usually booked months in advance. The only way for him to teach more people (and let’s be honest, make a little more money), was to create a guide that covers everything he teaches in his survival course.

The problem with most survival books is that they’re very general and padded with lots of useless information. But with Alive After Crisis, there are 5 modules that teach you exactly how to prepare for the next disaster with step-by-step instructions, multiple drills, and lists of affordable supplies. There’s no fluff whatsoever, just 22 years of real-world experience condensed into a simple-to-follow roadmap.

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Grab Your Copy Before the Price Goes Back Up

If you’re reading this page, chances are you know something is very wrong with society. Disasters happen all the time, but it seems like countries are less prepared for them every year. Although the surge in the number of preppers and the popularity of shows like Doomsday Preppers is encouraging, most people still believe the government will take care of them if there’s a major crisis. What they don’t understand is that the government won’t be able to take care of itself.

During President Obama’s first term, the federal government racked up more debt than it had during the first 42 Presidents combined. In fact, the government already has to borrow money just to pay the interest on what we already owe! So now, it’s only a matter of time before countries like China stop buying U.S. Debt. (Update: It’s already begun!)

dollar crashingWhen investors lose confidence in the dollar, its value will drop overnight and oil will become 10-20 times more expensive. When that happens, food companies won’t be able to afford the fuel to send delivery trucks to the cities. And when that happens, it will only be a few days before grocery store shelves are picked clean.

Now consider how bad things were after hurricane Katrina. People waited in lines for days just a for a little food and water. At least they got help from FEMA, eventually. But what’s it going to be like when the crisis is all over the country, when there’s no help coming? It will be every man for himself!

There are still people who are convinced the banks will find a way to save us from financial disaster (as if they care about us). But even if that were true, the economy is still going to get much worse. We’re past the point of no return. And when it does get worse, the government will be ill-equipped to save its citizens from the next disaster. Whether it’s a hurricane, wildfires, tornadoes, floods, a pandemic, or terrorism, we the people will be on our own.

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Richard Marshall’s Alive After Crisis guide is broken down into 5 modules that cover every area of survivalism. You will learn how to:

  • Avoid metal shock and panic when the SHTF.
  • Cook delicious meals even when the power is out.
  • Stay warm no matter how cold it is outside.
  • Turn rainwater into fresh drinking water.
  • Keep your storage food from ever going bad.
  • Identify scammers trying to lure you outside.
  • Convert your home into a full-fledged bunker.
  • Build a complete and affordable bug-out-bag.
  • Defend yourself from thieves and attackers.
  • Give yourself and your family piece of mind.

Learn more about what’s in Alive After Crisis by visiting the official site today.

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